Once the Master Coordination has admitted the candidate / student, the Center will contact him / her by email in order to formalize the pre-enrollment fee payment, which is to be paid online on a 10-day period. If during this period the payment od the pre-enrollment fee is not made, the Center has the right to fill this vacancy with another candidate.

Pre-enrollment fee: 1.000€

If you have any question regarding the payment method, please contact:

Payment methods for term 2018/2019

Sole payment:

  • A 3% discount will be applied to the enrollment amount.
  • Credit amount: 130€ x 30 ECTS = 3.900€
  • Master amount:  3.783€ (to be deducted the reservation amount*)

Split payment:

  • Credit amount: 130€ x 30 ECTS = 3.900€
  • Split payment in two terms: 60% (september 2018) and 40% (december 2018).
    • 1st payment: 2.340€ (september 2018, to be deducted the reservation payment*)
    • 2nd payment: 1.560€ (december 2018)

*Once all the discounts available have been applied

Pre-enrollment and enrollment fee refunds

Only in case of Master cancellation or an admission error attributable to the Center, a total refund of the pre-enrollment or enrollment fee will be made. As a general rule, enrollment cancellations will only be accepted if they are made during the following 30 days from the enrollment formalization, and only if the applicant claims justified personal reasons that prevent him / her to follow the course. On this case, a 35% from the total fee will not be refunded as service and administration charges.

Documents to be brought at enrollment time

Students with a Spanish degree:

  • Enrollment form (provided by the center).
  • Certified two-sided copy of the degree, or receipt of the degree fee payment.
  • Photocopy of the Spanish ID Card.
  • 2 original ID card size photos.
  • Original and copy of the Large Family Card / Handicap Degree (if applicable).
  • Receipt of the grant request.

Students with foreign degree:

  • Enrollment form (provided by the center).
  • Certified copy of the degree that gave access to the student at the Master, or an official academic certification confirming the issue of the Degree..
  • Photocopy of ID Card or Passport
  • 2 original ID card size photos.

* Without the properly legalized documentation, no degrees will be issued..