The Escola Doctor Robert is composed by the following structure:


The School staff

7 people from the Fundació Salut i Envelliment UAB will be responsible for giving the Escola Doctor Robert all the support needed for its operations:

Learning technicians (1) Assessment and provision of services to teachers and researchers on creation of educational material: educational fitting of information, learning and evaluation systems, teacher formation, assessment on learning issues.
Administration (3) Student enrollment and assistance, following of the student and academic needs at an administrative level.
Academic coordination (2) Coordination between the Board of Direction, the authors and coordinators. Following of the needs of the students and academic staff at a master’s academic program level.
Technological Service (1) Creation and technological maintenance of the virtual platform. Assessment at the creation of virtual learning spaces. Technological support for students, academic staff and managerial services.La Fundació UAB proporciona a l’Escola Doctor Robert els serveis jurídics i econòmicofinancers.